You probably saw the data. Newspapers all over the country are reporting, “almost every hospitalized coronavirus patient has another underlying health issue.” (New York Times, 22 Apr 2020) High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, asthma – these are all around us … and they’re the top killers when combined with COVID-19. 

What the articles DON’T tell is you is what to do about it. In fact, you may even come away thinking there isn’t anything to do. Is there anything? Something you can do RIGHT NOW to help protect yourself against COVID-19 – more than wearing a mask, remaining socially distant, and crossing your fingers for a vaccine?


Focusing on losing weight, cardiovascular health, and boosting your immune system will make you less likely to have serious consequences (including death) when you are exposed to COVID. THIS IS THE CURE. No, not a cure like an antidote for snake venom – and that’s the point. It doesn’t work that way. The best long-term approach – or the only thing worth being pursued as an actual “cure” – is to get healthier and increase our chances of being one of the asymptomatic people in the papers, not one of those on a ventilator. 

Hansen Health Solutions Functional Medicine Approach

Megadose IV Vitamin C

When you take oral vitamin C, the increased levels in your blood are more limited in duration and magnitude. IV vitamin C achieves much higher levels that stay longer – resulting in different effects. Vitamin C is always a powerful antioxidant and antiviral, but the administration matters.

High doses of vitamin C were in use as early as the 1940s to treat polio. Further evidence was gathered and an official antiviral protocol was published in 1980 including high dose vitamin C.

Additionally, Hansen Health Solutions is the only place in San Antonio offering IV vitamin C starting at 25g and going all the way to 100g. (Most offer just 5g.)

Ultraviolet Light Therapy

The use of light to treat illness isn’t new. We use UV light routinely to kill viruses in water treatment facilities and healthcare settings. Amazon has robots using it for virus-killing duty in grocery stores and warehouses. Even way back in 1918, one of the most effective treatments for the Spanish flue was phototherapy.

Studies also show light treatment has immense potential to reduce the impact of coronavirus diseases. Violet and blue light (400–470 nm) light is antimicrobial against numerous bacteria – and in fact, accounts for Niels Ryberg Finsen’s Nobel-winning treatment of tuberculosis. Further, blue light inactivates several viruses, including the common flu coronavirus. In experimental animals, red and near-infrared light reduce respiratory disorders, similar to those complications associated with coronavirus infection. Lastly, in patients, red light has been shown to alleviate chronic obstructive lung disease and bronchial asthma.

All of this means: YOU SHOULD GET SOME SUN. But, there are also specific treatments designed to leverage the power of light. Ozone therapy with ultraviolet blood irradiation, for example, involves drawing blood, treating it with ozone (which disables a virus’s ability to enter a cell), passing it through a full spectrum of UV light, and then putting the blood back into the body. It’s done as a series of IVs and is extremely effective against viral infections.

More light treatments are currently being studied for use against COVID. In the meantime, using an infrared sauna regularly can help too – and comes with a long list of other health benefits.

When you’re ready to harness the power of the sun, Hansen Health solutions is the exclusive provider of this treatment in San Antonio.

Vitamin D

We can’t say it better than this: “If you caught the COVID19 virus right now, having a good vitamin D status (from already having taken a supplement) would

  • Reduce your risk of the disease becoming severe by 90%
  • Reduce your risk of dying by 96%”

There’s a lot more where that came from.

Check out the Hansen Health Solutions online store for the best in Vitamin D supplementation. After you’ve had your blood levels tested we can help you determine the best dose to optimize your levels. 

And More

  • In-clinic nutrition counseling – Leverage what you are eating to boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, help you sleep and recover better, etc.
  • Sleep optimization – See the HHS free video series on sleep here.
  • Stress management – Chronic stress will lead to adrenal fatigue and immobilize your immune system.
  • Test zinc, magnesium, selenium status and optimization –  These are important for antiviral function and almost everyone is deficient.