Hansen Health Solutions

Holistic Medicine located in San Antonio, TX

Our Current Focus

Hansen Health Solutions has your best life in mind – so of course it chooses the top threats to focus on throughout 2021.

Through the end of April, the focus is Reversing Cardiovascular Disease

About the Practice

Hansen Health Solutions in beautiful San Antonio is a medical practice focusing on a new wave of health care that veers completely from traditional medical approaches. Dr. Clayton Hansen, DC is redefining what it means to have a healthcare team and how you interact with it. You get customized and enhanced medical care, as well as unprecedented access to your provider.


Our Supplement Store

While supplementation can never completely replace real foods, there are some specific times where it is required to supplement:

  1. When test results show a dramatic deficit that will take an extended period of time to recover with food
  2. For symptomatic relief, while the core problem is resolved
  3. To heal or repair specific disease processes
  4. To enhance performance above normal in a specific area
  5. When the availability or convenience of nutritional food is low


Meet Our Team

Our Patients Love Us

“Dr. Hansen has done a terrific job coaxing my spinal cord and neck back into place.”

Robert W., Google

“The staff is awesome. The office is clean. I always feel better when I leave.”

Verified Patient, Google

“The clinic is professional, with a comfortable community feel.”

Mimi S., Google

Accepted Insurance

Please call the office for insurance relation questions.