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Hansen Health Solutions in beautiful San Antonio is a medical practice focusing on a new wave of health care that veers completely from traditional medical approaches. HHS licensed medical professionals are redefining what it means to have a healthcare team and how you interact with it. You get customized and enhanced medical care, as well as unprecedented access to your provider.

The full-service functional medicine practice offers a robust menu of services, including a comprehensive wellness examination, regenerative medicine, nutrition counseling, body composition analysis, physical medicine, lifestyle medicine, hormone optimization, IV and ozone therapy, and custom lab work.

Identifying the root cause of your illness or disease is the number one goal at Hansen Health Solutions. The team is passionate about holistic medical care that rectifies the source of your problem rather than merely treating the symptoms.

If you’re ready to optimize your health, call Hansen Health Solutions or use the online scheduling feature to book a personal consultation.

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“Hands down, the best chiropractic care! Words cannot express how amazing it feels to be under the care of Dr. Hansen and his staff! Truly a wonderful group of people…”

Rhonda G.

“Sincerely appreciate how attentive, thorough, and caring Dr. Hansen is. To top it off, all of the staff is amazing! Everyone at this office goes above and beyond…”

Christine H.

“I had fantastic results with my shoulder joint recovery. The ozone injections helped so much. My goal was to avoid surgery and we are there!”

Melissa A.

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