Every time I leave the clinic, I feel I can take whatever encounters me throughout the day!

Delores V.

I appreciate the quick service but if I have a question Dr. Hansen is more than willing to take the time and explain.

Jessica M.

As always, Dr. Hansen and staff delivered excellent and professional health care!

Martha M.

Very personable and helpful and great at answering any questions. Dr.Hansen knows how to find all those spots that need attention!

Connie T.

Very professional, timely, and great attitude.

Bridgett M.

I had my adjustment and felt great afterwards. Got my questions answered satisfactorily.

Rene M.

Dr Hansen really cares! He’s 1 of the best that I have ever seen in adjustments and total body and soul health care. I’m glad we found each other.

Carlos F.

My treatment and services received are always of high caliber.

Milton S.

Dr Hansen very knowledgeable & always does a good adjustment.

Dianne S.

If it was not for Dr. Hansen and GOD, I would not be able to have the wonderful quality of life that I am living now. I experienced a fall on the ice in Lansing Michigan and returned home in pain. Dr. Hanson took care of me and I walked away pain free from his office. I thanked the good Lord for having him here with me! I am 72 yrs and going strong. I travel for my job because I have a passion for educating teachers in becoming more effective in the classrooms. What a blessing to be able to serve others! I know that I could not continue to do this work if I did not have Dr. Hanson to go to when ever I need him. He has been there for me every time. I pray he stays healthy and strong because his gift of healing hands have served me well! I hope others are a blessed as I am!

Consuelo Connie P.

Seeing improvement weekly.

Suzanne H.

Dr. Hansen is compassionate, attentive and understanding regarding your needs.

Jennifer O.

Great service. Dr Hansen cares about his patient’s and is the best chiropractor I have had.

Edward P.

My knees feel so much better. I am able to do a child’s pose where before I could not. I am also able to do a brisk walk without stopping and taking breaks. So glad I did this!

Dolores V.

I have been with Dr. Hansen for only about 2 months and my back pain and stiffness has greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Hansen and his team.

Patricia E.

I have been seeing Dr. Hansen for a while now. The first time I saw him, I was loosing my sight in my left eye. I could not renew my Drivers license. After 90 days of therapy I went to renew my license because I felt better, took my eye exam and passed it. I have had my drivers license and will be 71 yrs old this month. I continue to see him and I am still working a full time job even though I have retired twice. I praise him because he keeps my energy pipes flowing so that my body and mind can keep up with my tasks and my younger peers. I am grateful and feel very blessed to have such a good and GODly healing man supporting me. My spine is staying straight and my body stays flexible and limber. I wish this for everyone. Thank you Dr. Hansen your have been a blessing to me.

Connie P.

Dr Hansen is always caring and very thorough and knowledgeable. His adjustments are effective and they help. Amanda is also always very helpful and is very knowledgeable as well. They do a great job there and we are grateful!

Gail G.

*Results may vary. 

*Results may vary. 

*Results may vary. 

*Results may vary. 


John was having pain in his right knee. If he walked downhill, his knee would go numb. After only his fifth adjustmnet, he is already noticing a huge reduction in pain. Mobility is getting better and John is doing great!


This is Monica and she has been under care for about six months. When she first started she suffered from migraine headaches three times a week. Six months later she has no more headaches! She said, “It has been months since I’ve had one.” She is also feeling more energized and is working out now! Great job, Monica – keep it up!


Rebecca first came to see us because she could not sleep well, she was depressed, and just very irritable. Today she tells us she does not experience depression anymore, her sleeping is getting a lot better, and her joint pain is half what it used to be! She also tells us that she has more energy and has lost five pounds in just a month! Way to go, Rebecca!

Debbie B.

Hansen Health Solutions (previously Oak Hills Chiropractic) is just the place I’ve been looking for! I listened to the Maximized Living radio program on KLSR a couple of times, liked what I heard and thought … this is it. I began my care at the beginning of July and see an improvement already. My neglected spine was terribly out of alignment. I have been sitting at a computer for decades and saw the damage that was done when I viewed my x-rays. I had pain in my upper right leg that made it very painful to walk and pain killers didn’t do a thing.

Fortunately one adjustment from Dr. Hansen and my pain was gone. The exercises help tremendously. I have seen some improvement in my sinuses, appetite, mobility, and range of motion … and my husband tells me I snore a whole lot less! I have battled breast cancer twice, experienced chemotherapy and radiation once and never want to do it again. I am really looking forward to using God’s plan to battle cancer over oncology’s plan!

I just love the people at Hansen Health Solutions (previously Oak Hills Chiropractic), from Dr. Hansen, Michelle, Marcia, and Justin as well as the other patients! Everybody has the love of God in their hearts and that is so refreshing! I am so thankful for the care and education I am getting from HHS and am looking forward to seeing the benefits of living a Maximized life!


Deborah heard Dr. Hansen speaking on KSLR radio. When she first came in to see us, she was having hip pain just getting in and out of bed and her car. She is now sleeping better, has less pain, and has a lot more energy. She says that she is just overall feeling much better, clearer thinking, and is more at peace!


Jeffrey has been a part of Hansen Health Solutions (previously Maximized Living) for three months and is already seeing great results. Jeffrey suffered with breathing difficulties throughout his life, and is now three months in his journey and he is breathing better! Now he is able to work out without any problems.


In just one month of starting care here in our office, Roger tells us his blood glucose has decreased and is a lot more stable! He has already lost seven pounds. Also, he has to use a magnifying glass with his right eye to read, but he tells us he is slowly able to read bold prints without it! On top of that, his opthamologist recently told him his eye pressure is a lot better.


Jorge started care in June 2013. When he started care he had numbness in his legs. one month into care and the numbness is gone! We are happy for you, Jorge!

Jose and Maria

Jose and Maria started their journey to Hansen Health Solutions (previously Maximized Living) in May 2013. Since then, they have a lot of great changes! Jose came in with constant headaches and Maria had severe neck pain. They had been under care for about one month and they went on a road trip. They traveled over 5,000 miles, and I am so happy to report Jose was headache free! Maria’s neck pain is virtually gone and she says she can work out again.

Lonnie W

Lonnie has been on his journey to Hansen Health Solutions (formerly Maximized Living) for almost a year now. He has noticed a lot of changes. He just went on vacation and had NO PAIN. He is also able to exercise again and he has also noticed better range of motion in his neck.


When Monique started care, her back pain was so bad she had to lean on the sink to brush her teeth. Bending forward without support was nearly impossible. The pain in her neck radiated to her back for four months. She was not able to look side-to-side or down without tension. Her fingers would tingle when looking upwards. NOW she is pain free, no more headaches and is doing great!


Michael has been taking turmeric supplements for many years after having a stroke and several heart attacks. He came into our office a few days ago and just started care. After his first adjustment he was beginning to feel better. He had his second adjustment and was feeling awesome. He forgot to take his turmeric supplements on his way over for this third adjustment because he didn’t have any pain any more! Another success that will continue to get better.


Jim previously lost some weight during the resolve challenge with his sister. About six months ago his optometrist told him he was losing his sight in his left eye due to diabetes. He had to receive several shots in his eye. He has been keeping up with his adjustments and strictly on the Advanced Plan. Now six month later he is off his Metformin AND has almost perfect eyesight! 

Karen D.

Karen has been under care for three months now, and seen awesome changes. When she started she had back pain and wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now she has no back pain and has lost nine pounds. Her goal moving forward is to lose 40 more pounds and to steer clear of diabetes.

Leigh-Ann M.

Leigh-Ann has seen some awesome changes in her life since starting her journey to Hansen Health Solutions (previously Maximized Living). So far she has lost ten pounds and her back pain is going away! Moving forward she wants to lose ten more pounds and be completely pain free. 

Mary Sue

Mary Sue has been on her journey to Hansen Health Solutions (formerly Maximized Living) for a year and a half now and seen amazing changes! Since starting she has lost 80 pounds, no longer has back pain, has got off several medications, and has cut her Metformin dosage in half. She says she was previously headed down the path to sickness and early death. Now a year and a half later she can happily say, “I feel like I’m 40 again.” Mary Sue’s goal moving forward is to live longer than 100!


Bob first came in a year and a half ago with a multitude of conditions and on many medications. He is down 45 pounds, off one medication and has lowered the dosage on his other medications, and his neuropathy is gone! He is feeling better and is so excited to see what is to come!

Zola and Jim

Back in January 2013, this sibling team joined the resolve challenge. After the month challenge, they lost a combined total of 50 pounds!

Mrs J

Mrs J started care about two months ago. One of her main goals was to get off her blood pressure medication – and she was just able to lower it. 


Helen started care about two months ago and is already seeing great changes! Back in May she finished her FIRST 50-mile bike ride!


Bernard started care here in our office less than two months ago – initially to address his diabetes. He tells us he went to his general physician earlier this week to get his blood work done and the doctor was shocked at the results. Bernard’s usual blood pressure reading has never been below 200, but it’s now 160 – and the doctor took him off of his blood pressure medication!

Bernard then asked about his cholesterol and the doctor said it was a lot lower and is actually “really good” so he can go ahead and get off of those, too! Bernard didn’t think to ask about his blood glucose levels since he’s had trouble with that for a while now, but the doctor then added that he can go ahead and get off of the diabetes medication because his blood glucose levels are leveling out!

On top of the three medications he had to take before, he had to take an additional medication to protect his liver from all the medications he was taking. He would feel faint and dizzy from all the medications so the doctor prescribed him something for that as well. But now, Bernard is MEDICATION FREE!

Bernard has been consistent with his adjustments and is on the Advanced Plan. He tells us that changing his eating habits is difficult, but looking at the progress he has made in only two months keeps him going!



“Last year was a real wake up call for me. I had issues with my left knee in the spring which lasted all year. About August I had such extremely debilitating pain that I had to close my massage practice. I was also unable to work as a dental hygienist – pain down my arm, shoulders, and back. I was miserable.

“After my first week of visits, I finally experienced some relief from the pain. With the help of adjustments and daily exercises, I was able to return to my dental hygiene position. In February, I joined and participated in the makeover. I lost ten pounds and 20 inches in 30 days. I feel rejuvenated. I have continued following the Advanced Plan and now I’ve lost 22 pounds and 33 inches. I have been able to exercise at first very carefully by following the MaxT3 workouts every day. I’m back at the gym three times per week and feeling great!

“This is not a quick fix. All aspects work together to help make your life better. Better health, feeling great, which has truly changed my attitude and outlook on life.”



Instead of accepting that she would endure a lifetime of illness and pain, Anne began seeing a Maximized Living chiropractor and learned how she could become her healthiest self. 



After years of yo-yo weight left over from childbirth, Krystal and her entire family are now healthier as a result of following the principles of Maximized Living. 



Rachel had a myriad of issues, from chronic foot and hip pain to sleep deprivation, all which got significantly better or completely disappeared after coming to a Maximized Living chiropractor.



When Brenda’s doctor wanted to double her medication, she switched to chiropractic care and is now completely off her medication, and her serious health issues have all but disappeared.



Suffering from issues like Type 1 Diabetes and a heart condition, Caela felt like she had nowhere to turn for help. After getting adjusted and learning how to care for her spine, Caela’s issues have subsided and improved – and she can dance again!



Nicole used to suffer from headaches every day, but after six weeks of chiropractic treatment, she is now completely headache free and enjoying strong overall health as a result of a Maximized Living doctor’s care.