Does gut health affect weight loss?  The short answer is yes. In other words, poor gut health might be one of the reasons you’re not losing weight.  According to a meta-analysis published in the Gut Microbes journal, losing weight tends to result in an increase in the diversity of gut microbes. It also favors the growth of more beneficial strains. There is also evidence that your gut health may dictate how quickly you are able to shed unwanted pounds. 

The trillions of microbes inside of our gut play many very important roles in our body. Not only does this “microbiome” regulate our metabolism and help us absorb nutrients from food into the body, it can also influence whether we are lean or obese.

In other words, if your intestinal environment is imbalanced, it can cause what is known as dysbiosis. It can mean that you have lower levels of beneficial bacteria, more opportunistic pathogens, or reduced diversity — all of which can have an impact on your body.

Altogether, this can negatively impact your health and may even explain why you put on weight more easily than other people. But like your weight, gut microbial health is also influenced by your lifestyle. Exercise, as well as food, is important for the diversity of your gut bacteria.

IV therapy is a great tool to help your gut healing journey and is a must for patients with leaky gut. In particular, the powerful antioxidant glutathione can help detoxify your entire system and get you back on the road to optimal gastrointestinal health.  

With our physician designed, high quality IV therapy, the digestive system is bypassed, allowing quicker and more efficient absorption of nutrients in the body. Nutrients administered through IV therapy can include calcium, zinc, glutamine and magnesium, to name a few. These nutrients support your gut and liver health to detoxify and replenish the body.  

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