This calendar outline below should be the baseline, standard program in healthcare – for everyone. You’ll notice the calendar is divided into 6 sections: 

  • There are two detox/weight loss sections to cleanse and reset the body. 
  • There is one section for reflection, goal setting, planning, etc. 
  • There are three themed sections, each focusing on one of the leading causes of death:
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Cancer
    • Neurodegenerative disease

These are not always the most popular topics, but they should be! The truth is you will die of one or more of these things and if you acknowledge that, you can act now to mitigate your risks in each area. Fortunately, much is known about how to do that, and the calendar gives us time to focus on each area. Plan to attend the live events for each section. They will be bigger and better than ever! 

Following along with this calendar allows you to cover all your bases in an intentional way, rather than constantly jumping to what seems most exciting, or reacting after a problem manifests. It puts you into a proactive routine which will minimize stress, and improve your outcomes in a real way, where it counts. This is the way healthcare should be. 

Each section covers a big topic, which means we will be touching on a variety of sub-topics throughout the allotted time as well. Keep your eyes out for handouts at the clinic, the HHS newsletter in your email, and follow us on social media so you don’t miss anything! 

Each section will have corresponding protocols, instructions, lifestyle modifications, etc. We will also have special bundles and discounts to take advantage of. You will get additional discounts/perks if you participated in the previous section. 

There are two appreciation events to plan for, so show up and have a great time!  

If you or someone you know would like to participate but live out of town, we plan to livestream the events, post content online, and can now do virtual consulting. Just ask for more details! 


January “New Year Reset” 

Focus: Detox and Weight Loss 


February – March – April 

Focus: #1 Cause of Death – Cardiovascular Disease

          Additional topics: Diabetes, weight loss, metabolism, stress, nutrition, fitness

Patient Appreciation Event: Saturday, February 6th @HHS 11am-2pm

Live Event: Saturday, March 20th @HHS 10am-1pm


May “Summer Reset”

Focus: Detox and Weight Loss


June – July – August

Focus: #2 Cause of Death – Cancer

          Additional topics: Immune system, inflammation, nutrition, sleep, oxygenation

Live Event: Saturday, June 12th @HHS 10am-12pm


September – October – November

Focus: #3 Cause of Death – Neurodegenerative Disease

          Additional topics: Autoimmune, mental health, brain/cognitive function, sleep, inflammation

Live Event: Saturday, September 18th @HHS 10am-1pm

Patient Appreciation Event: Saturday, November 6th @HHS 11am-2pm 



Focus: Stress reduction, reflection, goal setting, planning, preparation