The HHS Venn Diagram represents part of the unique way Hansen Health Solutions approaches healthcare. Specifically, it helps you not lose sight of YOUR goals in the face of fads or emergencies. Each circle represents an area of concern: problems, maintenance, and quality.

Circle 1: Problem Solving

Things you need to address problems fall in the Problems Circle. If you are in pain, have an illness, are obese, have an autoimmune problem, etc. – then the things you need to do for those are here.

Circle 2: Maintenance

This is for your pro-active, ongoing maintenance and self-care. Physical exercise, stretching, meditation, sleep habits, etc. – all those things fall in the Maintenance Circle.

This circle also includes regular, preventative work for things like heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative illness. The HHS Yearly Healthcare Calendar can help you tailor your maintenance to your specific needs and family predispositions.

Circle 3: Quality of Life

The Quality Circle is for more elective things. You don’t want to just BE healthy; you want your health to allow you to DO things. So, what do you want to do? Run a 5k or a marathon? Play golf on a regular basis? Be able to keep up with the grandkids? This is where we put the life in your quality of life.

Why a Venn Diagram?

It’s easy to get caught up in what’s important right now. We don’t worry about cancer, for example, until we get it … and then it’s all we worry about. This isn’t doing us any favors as we end up spending our lives constantly chasing the shiniest or scariest thing. The Venn Diagram keeps ALL three circles in view ALL the time. 

When you’re working to get back on the slopes, you’re not losing sight of your meditation. When you’re working on your high blood pressure, you don’t forget that Tough Mudder you’ve always wanted to do.

The great part of the Venn Diagram is the OVERLAPS. These are places you can improve more than one circle at a time; it’s double the impact. By keeping everything in view, the HHS Venn Diagram gets you the most for your hard work.

Setup your initial consultation with Hansen Health Solutions to get started on your own HHS Venn Diagram and keep all parts of your healthcare where they belong – in full view.