Having surgery soon? Undergoing an elective surgery if your body is not equipped to recover would likely cause complications. Thousands of people pursue elective and plastic surgery without knowing whether their bodies are prepared for it. Because of nutrition deficiencies that are increasingly common today, preoperative, and postoperative IV therapy is a great way to help ensure a pleasant, complication free surgical experience followed by quick recovery. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, the standard American diet causes health issues stemming from too much sodium, not enough dietary fiber, and alarmingly decreased levels of vitamin B6, iron, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients. In addition to processed and fast food choices, poor nutrient absorption affects millions of Americans by inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients that are consumed. Without proper nutrition, the body is not adequately prepared for healing and protection against infections. This becomes critical after a major surgery as poor nutrition can delay healing and leave patients vulnerable to infections and other complications.

IV therapy provides optimal vitamin supplementation before and after surgery to improve the body’s ability to recover. Patients who are at a higher risk of complications can benefit significantly from IV therapy. Replacing essential nutrients through IV therapy reduces free radicals caused by anesthesia and surgery and improves the immune system response so that patients have reduced swelling, less bruising, and better wound healing. Helping your body function at peak efficiency helps to prevent infection, improve collagen formation, and even minimize scarring. IV therapy can support your body and help you achieve the best possible outcome with minimal scarring and a fast recovery after plastic surgery.

At Hansen Health Solutions, we have a full medical team ready to deliver the highest quality, professional grade IV therapy to get you feeling great and looking your best after surgery.